The Cuddly Blanket Store

Last night Andy's parents gave the girls each a new stuffed animal. Kalli received a stuffed octopus. So, today I'm pretending to be her new octopus stuffed animal. The octopus that she adores and now is going everywhere with us. Yeah for octopi everywhere. Andy and I have named him Octi.

Octi: What is that blanket you have there?
Kalli: It is my green blanket, in case I cry.
Octi: Where did you get the blanket?
Kalli: My grandma and Cassie bought it for me.
Octi: Why?
Kalli: I was a baby, and they didn't want me to cry
Octi: Where did they get the blanket for you?
Kalli: The cuddly blanket store.