January 8, 2008

What on earth is it doing outside???

It is the beginning of January and yet yesterday and today it rained. Yesterday we actually had thunderstorms. Then, as I'm leaving work tonight I come out to snow. Big fluffy wet snowflakes. The girls were thrilled. Cassie must have told me 7 times to remind daddy to send her snow pants to school tomorrow. Poor girl is going to be disappointed when she sees that it only snowed a little bit.

I keep looking around though thinking to myself...it IS January, right? However, I wouldn't complain if we were to skip the rest of winter and move on to spring.


I've been playing with the new program that I have on my computer lately. I'm trying to figure out new things to do with it and such. Tonight I figured out how to do "focal black and white". Here is an example. Can you tell that I'm yearning for spring?

One last parting note for you...Tomorrow begins the selling of Girl Scout cookies. We will be calling, and if we don't...feel free to call us. :) Cookies do freeze well also.