January 10, 2008

At this moment *9:30pm* I'm sitting here in the dark listening to Cassie's breathing. Kalli is still awake and tossing and turning. Both girls are in my bed because Cassie is sick. This morning at 5:30am she came in and wanted me to hold her. This is a little unusual for her as usually she just lays on the floor and goes back to sleep. So I pulled her up into the already full bed to cuddle her. While doing so, I felt her head and noticed that it was warmer then usual. Reluctantly I got up and took her temperature. 100.8. Crap! I woke Andy to have him call the school and bus company while I got her some ibuprofen. Once that was all taken care of we settled in and slept until 8:30 when I had to get up for work.

Throughout the day Cassie had bursts of energy where she would play a little bit, but for the most part she hung out on the couch and vegged. What tells me the most about how she is feeling is the fact that she wasn't hungry all day. I know. Cassie. Not. Hungry.

When it was time for Andy to go to work Cassie, Kalli and I took a 1.5 hour nap. When we woke up I took Cassie's temperature again and found that it was up to 103.7. Have I ever told you how much I can't stand the high fevers that she gets? Even a half hour after ibuprofen she was still at 103.3. I plan on waking her at midnight when it is time for more medicine to try to keep the fever as controlled as possible.

Now for the bad news. Cassie has a birthday party tomorrow night. A party for one of her best friends. A party that I'm afraid that she'll have to miss. This part of parenting sucks. I don't want to tell her that she can't go. But if she can't go to school and she is still running a fever, I don't have much choice. I just hate to be the one to break her heart.

Here is to hoping that by morning she is better!