January 6, 2008

How was your weekend? No, seriously, how was it??

Our weekend was pretty good. On Saturday Cassie had the kickoff for the cookie season for Girl Scouts. All in all it was a small bash to get the girls hyped up. Randy Peterson was there and helped to get the girls excited. Yup...on Wednesday I'll be starting to call ya'll and visiting everyone. We will be starting to sell on the 9th. Get out your checkbooks and break open the piggy banks!

Today we had to run to the grocery store, but otherwise stayed home all day and did the "family" thing. Games, dinner all together, and cuddle time. I have to point out that shopping with my kids is getting increasingly interesting. They are good, behavior isn't the problem. The problem...Cassie wants to push the cart, neither know how to stay out of people's ways, and Kalli sings through the entire store with no care of anyone around her. I love Kalli's singing. I love that she doesn't care who is listening...she is a little performer. I do, however, wish that we could make it through an errand without attracting extra eyes.

The only down of the weekend was on Friday night. At about 11pm I started getting stabbing pains in my abdomen and numbness in my arm again. Just out of nowhere. It had been achy and sore since the last time that it happened and still is at this point. So now I'm waiting for it to happen again, hoping that it is sometime when someone is available to watch my children, so I can go to the hospital.