I blinked...where'd the weekend go?

How is it possible that the weekend is over already?

Saturday I spent the majority of my day recovering from the hangover left to me by nine 9-year olds spending the night at my home. And may I mention that they were all girls. This is only important because at 9 hormones are starting. As is the cattiness that only girls are good at. This includes making other girls cry and feel like crap. I saw this first hand and stopped it every time, letting the girls know that we would not be doing this or I'd be calling parents.

Yes, I did invite all these girls. And yes I got myself into it. However, the girls all loved it, I'm now the coolest mom at school, AND I didn't think that so many would be able to make it. Besides...I lived and almost enjoyed it. Almost.

I spent 2 hours of Saturday sacked out on my Aunt's couch. I was pretty much oblivious to the world around me and felt drugged when I tried to wake up before the 2 hours were up. After that time I was able to operate for the remainder of the day.

I sat the rummage sale at my aunts' house and when that was done went home and watched a movie and relaxed with Andy.

Sunday morning (this morning) Andy and I woke at 7, got ready to head to our friend, Sue's house, and went out to Happily Ever After. And for anyone that hasn't paid attention to when I've spoken of Happily Ever After (HEA) before, it is a absolute no-kill shelter which holds some of the sweetest animals I've ever met. These animals may have some issues, but are still looking for their fur-ever home. Today I walked 8 dogs: Georget, Charlie, Marilyn, Levi, Emily, Maxine, Dessi, and a new puppy that was so cute that I wanted to take him home. Andy said no. BULLY! (click on the dogs names that are blue and you will be taken to an adoption page where you can see them. Not sure why some of the dogs aren't up on the page, but they aren't. Humph!)

I love going out to HEA. I feel like I'm actually making a difference...even it is small. It makes me wish I could do more, but my time and love seem to be enough for the dogs. I'm hoping that this summer Andy and I can spend a couple more days a month there helping out. We've talked about taking the girls and taking turns watching the girls and helping out with whatever needs to be done. If there is a dog/cat that needs some brushing/petting and it is good with kids, then we'd let the kids help out there. It would teach the kids that volunteering and helping out less fortunate (whether animals or humans) is important. I'm hoping that this...along with some of the other things I'd like to do with the girls will help them be less selfish and more giving.

The rest of Sunday was spent running errands and then coming home and getting the kids ready for bed.

This weekend flew and I feel like it really never happened. Fortunately, this week looks less hectic than this last one. At least so far. I babysit Monday, Tuesday, and normal. I have Kalli's field trip on Wednesday, and Morning with Mom on Thursday with the girls (a morning that moms or whoever can make it goes to school in the morning with their kids to eat a little breakfast and then go to the classroom to visit and maybe do a little activity before school starts. Then, the only other thing going on this week is that Kalli has her first soccer practices this week. One on Monday and one on Wednesday. She is so unbelievably excited. And today we made sure that her soccer shoes fit, got her a ball, some soccer socks, some pocket-less shorts, and made sure that all the other supplies were close by. The season is starting! I figure I will take pictures tomorrow of her practicing with the other kids for you to see.

Cassie starts baseball with the Miracle League in June and this year I have stepped down from being team mom so that I can enjoy the game more and sit on the bleachers with the rest of the family to cheer Cassie on.

I'm very excited about the photo opportunities that this year presents. I'm hoping to get some real nice pictures to share and use on calendars for next year. Yes, I'm already looking at calendars for next year. I already have pictures printed out for the months of January, February, March, and April. I have found where I'm going to order the actual Calendars from and will order them when we have some extra money. I'm actually ahead of where I normally am at this point of the year. Go me! is 2:15 and Andy said that I had to be in bed and asleep before his alarm goes off at 3. Bully!