Who? What? Where?

It's Tuesday again.


How on Earth is that even possible? In complete seriousness, where does time go? I mean last week flew by without me even realizing it. I find myself every day looking at my planner several times to make sure I am heading where I am suppose to head. Who am I watching tomorrow and today? What time are they coming? Do I have any appointments? Am I sure I don't have any appointments? Does my mom need me to do anything? Am I sure? Hey mom...do you need me this week?

I write down things, but then days look so full that I wonder if something got missed. And what is the date again? What was I suppose to do today? Cleaning? What is that? Other then the thing that I seem to be constantly doing, yet never seems completed. Example...last night I put the last load of clothes into the washer and was mentally giving myself a high five when Kalli came down with her clothes that she had worn that day. How defeating.

Another example happens to be the downfall of having so many children around...I pick up toys and vacuum, less then 2 minutes later toys are scattered everywhere. I'm working on getting the basement baby/toddler proof so that we can play down there, get toys out of my living room, and not worry about people walking in and wondering why a toy store vomited all over the place.

And then we get to the weekend and that seems to have vanished before it even started. I'm trying to be everywhere and it just isn't working. I'm only one person. Don't get me wrong...I love helping everyone and being there for people, but I feel pulled in several directions and again, I'm only one person. I find myself feeling like I'm disappointing people and letting them down. I can't get enough done in two days and spend the time with people that I'd like to. Now let's add to that situation the fact that Andy and I would like to start spending Sundays home just the 4 of us and I find myself wanting to pull hair out. I can't be home and also getting things done with other people. Again, don't get me wrong. I love helping everyone and I like how it feels to help people who ask for my help, I'm just feeling very torn because when I help one person others are feeling neglected.

My example...this weekend my almost-sister-in-law, Kelli, wanted my help in cleaning up her and my brother's areas. They are getting a new puppy this next weekend as long as everything goes as planned and Kelli was feeling stressed with the mess and the fact that she is so busy. (the girl works a regular job, an internship, has school, and homework...talk about having no time and feeling stressed and/or torn) I helped with the cleaning and straightening. I got to spend time with her bonding over garbage, recycling, and straightening and we got a lot done. However, in the meantime my dad wants my help organizing in the basement, I didn't get to spend much time with my mom at all, and my husband just wanted to go home. So I helped one person, but I feel like I disappointed everyone else. It is a no win situation. Anyone figure out how to clone yourself yet? Or be in multiple places at a time? I mean, I'm a good multi-tasker, but even I'm not that good.

Anyway, I'm done whining and complaining. For now :)

This past Friday the girls' school had a family night at a local roller rink. I was unsure of how the girls would do or I should say Kalli because she isn't so good at roller skates. Okay, she isn't good at all. The only place she has practiced is on the carpet here at home. However, she got skates for Christmas so that she can practice for her first job that she wants at Sonic being a carhop on skates.

So I was a little nervous knowing how slippery skates can be on rink floors. However, Auntie Becky to the rescue! Becky came along to aide in skating as I wasn't sure if I was going to get into skates. I mean, hello....if I got broken who would take care of me, the girls, the kids I take care of, and my parents since my mom is down to one leg? When I brought this up to Andy his words were, "we'd be screwed!" And there was no chance of Andy skating because he is the only one bringing cash into the household. We need him able to work.

The girls were ecstatic about skating, though Cassie was wheeling around the rink. At times she was pulling people that were on skates and at others she was being pushed by some of her friends on skates. I even got brave and put on skates.

Cassie posing for a picture before rushing off to find her friends again.

I used to skate all the time and was a pro. Now I'm old...or at least older. And afraid of falling and the possibility of breaking something. I actually did quite well...while holding onto Cassie's wheel chair that is. I pushed her so it isn't like she pulled me. And while holding on to the chair it was just like old times. I could skate awesome, do some tight circles with feet turned out, and felt like it wasn't years since I've been skating. Note: I did skate some at the end without holding onto Cassie's chair and I didn't fall once. Yeah me!

This is the kind of picture you get in the dark when Cassie is going past you at the rink.

Kalli made her way slowly around the outside of the rink with Becky several times, and with me a couple times. By the end she was gaining confidence and was going a little without holding onto anyone. I was impressed. So much so, that we are looking at going skating to open skates from time to time depending on how often they are and how much they cost.

Becky helping Kalli. THANK YOU BECKY!!

Also important to note...I didn't hurt the next day at all. Yeah muscles.

Cassie and Kalli getting set up in the group photo at the end of the night.

I'm working on posts. I've started a couple, but haven't gotten around to finish them. Wanna know why? Please see: Paula has too many things going on in her life.