Cassie's Birthday #9

Saturday we finally were able to have Cassie's birthday party. While, yes, it is a month after her actual birthday, it makes her day separate from Christmas. Besides, it lets everyone get past the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Cassie had a wonderful time playing with her cousin Kyra, whom she doesn't get to see too much, opening and playing with new toys, and eating cake and ice cream.

This year we got her a Littlest Pet Shop cake. It was cute, a hit with the girls, and delicious. Also, side note, Cassie had to take a breath with 3 candles still lit. So yeah...she has 3 boyfriends. And then collapsed to the floor saying "NOOOoooo" when we asked who her 3 boyfriends were. :) A good time was had.

Cassie recieved a lot of wonderful presents including 3 DS games, 2 books, a caterpillar WebKinz named 'Jibby' that the girls renamed 'Mr Pickles' but I still call 'Jibby'.

Cassie's favorite gift, however, was given by her Uncle Tony and Auntie Kelli. Yes, Tony, I am giving you credit for "winning" though I'm still going to say that "Tony one" :) It's a game to see who can get Cassie and/or Kalli the best gift. Most of the time Tony is the only one playing, but it is still fun to watch.

So you are asking what Tony got for little Miss Cassie?

Please meet Cassie's new pet....being watched by her older pet.

Buffy is interested in the new pet and yet a little scared as the ball rolls towards her.

Here is a better picture of Cassie's new pet gerbil. Cassie was holding some paper tonight for the not-named-yet gerbil to chew on and aide in their bonding.

And here is where we start to see how responsible my 9 year old can really be. GULP!!