Wherein I find myself sighing a lot.

Kalli was a hoot tonight. She was having a small fit because...well because of a lot of things, but I think it is mainly because she is 5, life isn't fair, and she was tired. But that is just my opinion.

On the way home from my parents I had both girls with me and Kalli was STILL crying. (at this point it had been about 10 minutes) Finally she starts talking some.

Kalli: Daddy yelled at me. And it broke my feelings when he yelled at me. And then it makes me sad.
Me: Why did daddy yell at you?
Kalli: Because I kept asking for McDonalds. And he said no.
Me: Well if you didn't keep asking and asking, he probably wouldn't yell at you.
Kalli: But I really want McDonalds.

Background - Andy had gotten the girls ready to go and helped Kalli get her jacket on and boots on. Telling her that we would just carry her snowpants because she didn't need them to get in the car and then into the house.

Kalli: I need my snowpants.
Me: Kalli, you don't really need them. You aren't playing outisde and we were just getting into the car and then straight into the house.
Kalli: But I need them because my legs are going to be cold and turn into ice cubes.

Kalli then told me that she had money in her pocket. Coins. However....

Kalli: When I get out of the car at home I'm going to be cold. And because I'm not wearing snowpants my pants will freeze and break off and then my money will be all over. And my coins will freeze and then people will see them. I don't want anyone to see my money.

Because we aren't worried about anyone seeing our underwear....just our frozen money.

I love the girl, but I find myself sighing a lot with her. There just is no winning. I seriously think she is going to go into acting. Anyone want to pay for her to get into drama classes? She'd be a shoo-in.