So I had started this post last night before bed, and I was going to finish it today and put it out there for ya'll to read. I had about two paragraphs done and is gone.

Gone. Just like that. I have no idea where it went. I looked for it and it is nowhere to be found. Therefore, tonight you get a standby. Just a few words from me about how frustrated it is to lose the beginning of what should have been an awesome post (I'll work on redoing what I lost and such) and to share a few pictures.

First we have my niece, Kaitlynn. Today is the first day that she has been here since we put up our Christmas tree. we just put it up yesterday. Either way, while I was here she did a pretty good job of not touching. Every now and then I had to remind her, "no touch.....just look" After a little bit she found a picture of Cassie from last year or the year before. Kaitlynn saw it and said "tas zie". My spelling how she says it is interesting, but all in all it is what she says every time she sees Cassie. I nodded my head and said, "Yes, that is your Cassie". Kaitlynn then went on waving at the picture and trying to get her head as close as possible without touching. She was so excited to see Cassie. And the funniest part was that she did this several times during the day. Well, until Cassie got home from school and she was able to have her Cassie for real. And yes, I do refer to Cassie as 'her Cassie'....because Kaitlynn adores Cassie. She will try to dive out of arms to get to Cassie. She crawls onto Cassie's lap to cuddle or to just hug her. Cassie will sit with Kaitlynn on the floor and read to her or help Kaitlynn stand without holding onto anything, ready to catch her if she starts to waver. She is Kaitlynn's Cassie.

Then there was the chick/penguin that sings and waddles. She loved it and everytime it would stop "singing" she would hand it back to me to start again. This went on for about 30 minutes til I wanted to throw the chick/penguin out the window and moved onto other toys.

Lastly....a picture of my little nephew. (who I got to see tonight) Brady is now 12 days old and oh my God, he is adorable. I'm completely in love with him and would do anything for him. For now that consists of holding, cuddling, trying to keep him from crying, and attempting to change his bottom without getting peed on. And I smile while doing it all.