NaBloPoMo - Day 7

Alright. Not sure how long this will be. I somehow sprained my wrist and typing isn't being friendly with it.

Today was the baby shower for my BFF, Becky. I was up until 12:30 this morning finishing things up and then up again at 7:15am and going. Things went wonderfully at the shower and I think that Becky had a good time and was happy with her party. After the party was over, my mom and I went looking at wedding dresses with my brother's fiance, Kelli. I pretty sure she found 'the dress' and I think that we all had a good time while out having a "girlie day". Alright, I'm going to put pictures up from the shower and call it a night.

Oh...and since I said I would. I measured Becky's belly circumference today. It was for a game, but is just fun to know. :) After bringing home the yarn I wrapped around her, I measured it and the number is.....drum roll please...43 inches. Just to point out though that I think this is a wonderful number. I mean hello, she is 8 months pregnant, and that number is full of a beautiful baby boy. Thank you Becky for letting me have my little fun and be part of your day.

(Becky and her beautiful baby belly)

(Diaper Cake decoration)

(Cupcakes...the sticks make them look like rattles. Turned out alright, but not AS good as I wanted them to be. Oh well. People loved the punch I made though :) )