NaBloPoMo - Day 2 and still going

Yesterday, during part of the Packer/Viking game, Andy headed outside to escape the frustration of the game. He grabbed the rake and started raking the leaves in our yard to the curb. To say that he under estimated the job at hand would be a complete understatement. Our curb looks as though an entire forest dropped their leaves right there.

Today when the girls arrived home from school and got off the bus, I decided to have a little fun with them. I picked Kalli up and set her down in middle of the pile of leaves. She quickly got up, brushed her self off, and started swatting at the leaves at the edges of the pile. At seeing all of this, Cassie asked if she could play in the leaves and I told her that she could until it was time to leave. (We were heading to my parents for dinner tonight...Wherein I cooked and brought the food to them. They love the meal, I love the cooking, and we all enjoy getting together during the week.) Cassie was walking along side the pile when suddenly I grabbed her and pushed her into the leaves. While holding her so she didn't fall too hard. She laughed and moved more into the pile and began covering the bottom half of her body with leaves. Cassie then created little arm rests for her arms and a 'pillow' for her head to lean back on.

Kalli continued to swat at the leaves. I was able to get Kalli into the leaves for a picture, but as soon as I was finished she got out of Dodge.

As we were getting ready to leave, I helped Cassie out of the leaves and was brushing her off when she informed me that there was a leave down her shirt. I looked and sure enough there was one so I picked it out. She then told me that there was still one in her shirt, but it felt like it was between her skin and bra. I checked and sure enough a leave had made its way into her bra. The poor girl is already having issues with bras. I'm telling you...being a female is hard.