NaBloPoMo - Day 10

Holy Man!

I left my home at 8:30 this morning to bring the girls to school and volunteer in Kalli's class. I didn't get home this evening until 8:00 pm.

I had my niece for a few hours, did lunch with Becky, did a little shopping, picked my mom up from her house, dropped my niece off, picked the girls up from school, went to meet up with Kelli to order her wedding dress and the girls' dresses for the wedding, fed the kiddos, drove over to where Tony and Kelli are having their wedding/reception so the girls could see it and Kelli could check a few things out, dropped my mom off at home, and then came home with my girlies.

We were all tired. It was a very full day. But it was also fun because I was moving all day.

Tomorrow isn't going to be THAT much better in the morning because I am volunteering in Kalli's classroom and then in the library before I take Cassie to some testing she has to have. Then we will be heading back to school to pick up Kalli before heading home.

Today we told Cassie that her para-professional (she helps Cassie with bathrooming) at school, Miss Patti, is leaving at the end of this month to go work at another school. Miss Patti has tried to stay with Cassie, but in the world of trying to keep your job to feed your family she was sorta forced to have to leave. I am not sure who will be taking Miss Patti's place, but I know that we will definitely miss her. When we told Cassie she looked like she was going to cry and burried her face in my side. After a bit she looked up and started acting silly. I think it was a laugh or you'll cry type thing. I know that over the next several weeks she will probably go through a range of emotions because when you spend time with someone like Cassie does with Miss Patti, you become close with them. I'm just hoping that whoever takes her place is half as nice as Miss Patti has been.