Wondering where I have been??

Things have been quite hectic lately in our household. This past Saturday we apple and pumpkin picked with Andy's parents and my niece, Kyra.

In case you were wondering...getting 3 little girls to all smile nice and look in the same direction...not very easy at all.

I love that my girls cooperated for me so I could get a couple nice shots of them. Maybe they are outgrowing their dislike of me taking pics of them together. Then again.....

Sunday Andy and I went and helped walk dogs at a no-kill animal shelter. Feel free to visit their site to see what they are about - Happily Ever After. I'm working on getting pictures of some of the dogs out there and looking at doing a blog about the shelter after I visit it next. Adding up the dogs I walked, I ended up walking 3.5 miles just by myself. That would explain why my hips and everything below them hurt the entire next day.

Also the next day, Monday, was Kalli's first field trip. It just happened to be to the same apple orchard that we visited 2 days earlier. Talk about deja vu. The kids were able to see how things are done at the orchard and pick some apples and get a pumpkin. Kalli loved it until she thought about the fact that after we got back to school I would be leaving. Then she started crying. She is doing much better at not crying everyday, but we still have hard days from time to time.

Tuesday during the day was somewhat of a blur. Had Kaitlynn, lunch with Becky, some other things....and supper with Tony and Kelli.

Today I woke, got the girls off to school and did a few little errands that I had to get done. Then I came home, made 4 loaves of zucchini bread, dehydrated some apple slices, started writing out envelopes for Becky's baby shower, and made calls to aide in finding a place for Tony and Kelli's wedding. I still have so much that I want to do in the next couple days...pies, girls' clothes to be changed over, more calls to be made, and more shower invites to go out. Not to mention the fact that it is October 7th and I haven't even started the 5 calendars that I make for Christmas gifts.

Now should I go into how Kalli's teacher emailed me with the days she would like my help and the school library also wants me to volunteer a couple times? My calendar is looking full, but it feels good to be doing stuff. I have energy to get things done now and it feels wonderful!


Becky said...

Paula- Those last two pics on your blog post are AMAZING (the kid ones are cute too...can we say a september calendar opportunity?) Can you send me those last two photos in an email so i download them and use them as my desktop background??