October 1, 2009

It's 7:00pm and I finally have a little bit to sit down and write a post. The girls are playing in the living room with their cousin, Kaitlynn, and I open up my site to see exactly what my last post said. Kalli comes over to me and says, " need to make a new top. That says September and it is now October." Thanks hun. Nothing like having a 5 year old to nag about my blog. Who has been telling her to nag me?

I am working on a new banner. No promises that it will be up tonight as Andy and I are exhausted though.

This whole week Andy has been working 10 hour days and will most likely continue this for the next two to three weeks. It isn't that his area isn't really that busy...though it is nice and busy. Instead he is be trained as a back-up team leader and taught how to do scheduling.

He was asked a couple weeks ago if he would be interested in learning how to so that when his team leader takes time off he can be there to do it. He agreed and now is getting up at 3:30 every morning so that he can be at work for 5 to do training. By the time he gets home he is falling asleep at the dinner table and we've been trying to get to bed earlier to aide in his sleepiness. The paychecks, though, are going to be awesome!

Now, to Andy's tiredness, let's add the fact that the new mix of pills that I'm on gives me tons of energy during the day leaving me running all day and getting things done. However, by 9:00 or 9:30, I hit a wall and start to fall asleep sitting where ever I am. I love the fact that things are getting done. I feel accomplished. Things are looking more organized and in turn that makes me even more happy.

I am trying not to get my hopes up too much as sometimes it can seems like meds are working and then suddenly things change. It is very difficult not to get hopeful though. In the past week I haven't been overly irritable and I feel like I can spend time with people without having to bite their heads off for absolutely nothing. I'm not the only one enjoying it. So here is to hoping that things continue down this road.

More tomorrow when I'm awake enough to type again :)