Belly, Nail, and bondage...oh my!

First up....Becky's belly. I love it. It's growing. And have I mention that I love it?


Tonight the girls had their showers and I was cutting nails and I had to take a picture of the last of Kalli's nails before I cut it. Anytime I had said they were getting long, Kalli said that it wasn't very long at all, but as I was cutting them I disagreed. Besides the length of that nail...can you tell me if that looks like the hand of a 5 year old?? Her fingers are so long and elegant looking.


Tonight we tied up the kids. Literally. We pushed their arms into the body of their jammies and tied the arms up. And with Cassie we pushed her legs out of the jammies so she was balled in the body part of her pjs and tied the legs also. They loved it and we got quite a kick out of watching them roll around and try to get out of it. Who needs tv?

You can tell from the pictures what they thought of it. Cassie has already asked if we can do it again tomorrow.