October 20, 2009

So I'm considering doing NaBloPoMo this year again. For anyone who doesn't remember what that is....it stands for National Blog Posting Month and it takes place during November. This means that I would try very hard to put up a post every day for the entire month. It takes a lot of devotion on my part because seriously...sometimes I don't know if the things that happen around here are noteworthy.

On another note we've had both the girls school conferences now. Both of them are doing extremely well. Cassie who is in the beginning of her 3rd grade year is reading like a end of the year 3rd grader. The teacher expects that by the end of the year she will be reading as a 4th grader pretty far into the year. Yeah Cassie! Cassie also is adapting to her new school extremely well, has several friends, and the teacher has no complaints or areas that Cassie really needs to work on.

Kalli is, as I found out tonight, doing the best in her class for numbers, letters, and overall reading. Yeah Kalli!! The teacher doesn't see any issue with Kalli and loves having her in class. She figures that by the end of the year Kalli will be counting to 100 by 5's and 10's and reading at a 1st grade level. That's MY girl!

Well...so is Cassie. They are both MINE! Until the become exasperating and then they are Andy's. Until they are good again.

Speaking of exasperating. Cassie, recently, has gone to answering with one word answers.

How was school today?
What did you do today?
Do you have any homework?
Anything happen?
Sound like fun? It's not...she is Andy's child.

Today the girls got their flu shots. Cassie went first and cried...as I expected she would. Kalli just said oww and sat there looking at me with big eyes. She never cried though, which kind of surprised me. Then, while at the school for Kalli's conference, Kalli found it necessary to tell everyone that she saw that they had gotten their flu shots and that she didn't cry, but Cassie did. Poor Cassie. I told Cassie a couple times that everyone is different and therefore feels pain different and that crying when you get a shot is not a big deal. She agreed, but I still felt bad that her little sister seemed to be rubbing it in. I did talk to Kalli also though and after that she just said that they had gotten their flu shots, but didn't go into reactions.

I'm pretty proud of my girlies. They are doing well is school and with each other. This growing up stuff is hard. Both of the girls are growing up so quickly lately that I feel like I'm just along for the ride. I'm just trying to find the slow down button so that I can enjoy it a little more...minus the one word answer parts. That I could do without.