Lost....and found

Tonight Cassie had a baseball game and when we got home we were getting the girls ready for bed when Andy mentioned that he hadn't seen Lightning all night. We started searching for him, going from floor to floor. I was looking in closets, cupboards, under beds and was having no luck. Kalli was assisting me as Cassie was getting ready for bed. I was really beginning to think that he had snuck out somehow and was lost when finally Kalli opened the linen closet upstairs...the one place I hadn't looked...and he came running out. I grabbed him, hugging him, extremely relieved. Cassie started crying, as she had been very scared he was lost. I had to cuddle her to calm her and then sent her off to bed.

After Andy tucked the girls in and checked in the linen closet to be sure he hadn't made a mess in there (we figure he was in there since about 9 this morning) he came down to watch some tv with me. He informed me that while I was looking for Lightning and he was sitting with Cassie, she started talking about having to put up 'lost cat' signs and maybe never being able to find Lightning.

I hate that she was so worried. Though, honestly, so was I. I can say, though, that we will all be very careful when going out of the house for a while. And when closing closets and such.

Alright, I'm sure that no one has noticed that I haven't changed my banner yet. I am working on this, but between the move and such, I haven't gotten a chance to finish up the banner I'm making and put it up. Also, I figure I've blogged everyday this week, so I should get a pass on the banner for a little bit longer.


Becky said...

no- no leway :)