August 9, 2009

Yesterday was Cassie's last baseball game. It was kinda bittersweet because while it will be nice to not have to run to a game every week, I know that Cassie and I actually enjoyed the games. I liked visiting with people and seeing Cassie have fun with her buddy and playing the game. Cassie received her trophy after her game and said her good-bye to her buddy, Lauren. I asked Lauren if she would be willing to be Cassie's buddy again next year and she said absolutely, yes. She actually was going to request Cassie. I assured her that we would be putting her name down as well. Cassie's buddy, Lauren is 11 years old...just 3 years older then Cassie. She is a wonderful role model to Cassie, listens to her, and to top it off...I like her too. In fact I told Lauren that if I ever needed to hire someone to sit with the girls I would give her a call. Of course, I have never paid anyone to watch my kids so I'd have a hard time with that anyway. :)

This morning we woke up, headed to breakfast, and then went to Milwaukee to the zoo. While it was quite a hot day (94 degrees) it actually was a wonderful day. The girls enjoyed seeing all the animals and were thrilled because Becky was with us. In fact, the only reason we were there is because Becky's work was having a picnic there. Thanks Becky for letting us be your family and go with you.

Not much else to report so instead, I'll share pictures. I only took 220 pictures today...and after getting rid of some and such I have the number down to about 120. Not bad :)

(Look at that 'lil baby belly. I'm loving watching Becky grow...)

(Becky, Cassie, and Kalli all got tattoos... And no one cried during it :)

(Bear cooling in the water. This guy had the right idea.)

(Kangaroos staying cool in the shade)

(Elephant....They weren't doing much other then standing. Too warm to do much)

(Baby organatan...OOPER CUTE)

(Heat + Long day = Tired girls.
Kalli slept on her sister and Cassie watched a movie while leaning on her sister.)