August 10, 2009

I hate not knowing what to blog about. Tonight is one of those nights. We spent the day mostly at home, only going out to visit my parents and have dinner with them.

I also have my niece, Kaitlynn tonight overnight. In the past couple weeks she has really changed a lot. She went from being non-mobile and toothless to having 2 teeth poking through and also crawling and pulling to stand by everything. She also walks along things, such as the couch...which she also likes to chew/suck on. All of a sudden she became a little more interesting to watch. She is exploring EVERYTHING and trying to get in to all kinds of things that she shouldn't. You no longer can sit her in middle of a room and feel like she'll be okay while you go get a soda. Baby-proofing is a must.

She loves to empty the bottom 2 shelves of our DVD stand. I like to think she is helping us organize. And she also loves to go after our Wii and's gotta be all those pretty buttons. I think it is the same reason that Andy likes the Xbox so much. Kaitlynn also enjoys trying to get the girls' stuffed animals...the only things of theirs that are allowed in my living room. She actually got hold of Kalli's giraffe the other day and when Kalli saw it she broke into tears saying that 'Kaitlynn gooed my giraffe'. I tried to stiffle my laughter as I told her that it would dry and be just fine. I've yet to see anything that was hurt by a little baby drool.

Also notice the new banner up. Sure it isn't anything great, but hey...I'm still unpacking those dreaded boxes. Be happy it got changed at all :)