June 3, 2009

She has made her announcement known, so now I can share too. For those of you that don't know, my friend, Becky, is pregnant. Can you feel my smile reaching out over the web? I'm so thrilled for her. Today, however I felt like I was ready to burst. Becky called me and had me wait for a minute. Then I heard it...the whoosha whoosha woosha that every mother knows the minute she hears it. Becky had shared with me the sound of her baby's heartbeat. You have no idea how honored I felt and how hard it was not to jump up and down. Thank you, Becky, for sharing with me.

Monday thru Thursday Kalli has school until 11:15. On these days we do one of two things. We either run errands or we go straight home to have lunch. After lunch we hang out and most days Kalli asks if she can cuddle in my bed with me. This has become a routine to us and is her way of saying that she is tired and wants to take a nap. (Yes, she still takes naps. And I love it! A child that knows the importance of a good nap.) We go cuddle in together under the blankets and talk some before Kalli rolls over, covers her head and goes to sleep. (Yeah...she covers her head. Cassie did the same thing when she went to sleep) After I know that Kalli is asleep, I sneak out of bed.

Today, however, as we were laying together, Kalli started playing with some of my hair. Twirling it around her finger some, holding it in her tiny fingers, and brushing it back behind my ear. It is at this moment that I realized how much I love being able to be a stay-at-home mom. There are times that I want to pull my hair out...yes. But over all I love it and I feel that lately I'm really growing into it. I enjoy spending the time with them and I'm paying closer attention to the little things.

There are still moments that I yell and there are still moments that I want to close myself in my room away from them. But, I find that I'm becoming more patient and wanting to try new things with them. I am even looking forward to this summer and have told them so. The other day the girls and I were discussing how much school is left when Cassie said, "and then we will be annoying you all day." I looked at the two of them and said, "Actually, I am looking forward to it. I think that this summer will be a lot of fun." And I do.