June 9, 2009

Last week we took a couple family walks after suppers. Well, actually Andy and I walked. Cassie used her wheelchair and Kalli rode her bike.
We are looking at seeing how Cassie does on the tag-a-long bike to see if it would be possible for us to all ride together. Wouldn't that be cute? Our little family going on bike rides together in the evenings. All together now... Awww.

On our walks we do walk some, but mainly it was just the two blocks to the little playground behind Kalli's school. Once there Kalli heads directly to the swings. She is a swinging pro. Cassie is working on getting more comfortable on the swings. She is very unsure of the whole moving without touching the ground thing. I guess you could say that she is a very grounded little girl.

It has been very nice, though, getting everyone out of the house and moving around as a family.


This past Saturday was Cassie's first baseball game. The weather was less then ideal. It was cold and rain threatened, but we were fortunate enough not to get wet. For this first game, Cassie used her crutches and did pretty well. We have decided that from now on she will use her chair though so that she can have a little more flexibility with hitting the ball and catching/throwing.

Especially since when she was in the outfield she sat on the ground with her buddy and passed the ball back and forth.

It was actually pretty funny to watch. Cassie was sitting on the ground, one of her teammates was running around away from his buddies, and then over in right field there was a congo-line like train of players/buddies forming. It was like watching a 3-ring circus. There were no meltdowns though and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Cassie's next game is tomorrow night and she is very much looking forward to it. I'm just hoping that weather cooperates as rain is planned. Again.

I'm seeing a trend forming here.


Becky said...

that pic of kalli on the slide is FAB! you must put that in the next calendar- it's perfect for a spring/summer page