June 17, 2009

It's been a week since the girls have been out of school. And we're still all sane. It's small, but an accomplishment all the same.

Both of the girls were done last week, but it still didn't seem like summer started until this week. On Monday I decided to have a fun day with the girls and we headed to Bay Beach for a couple hours. We ate lunch there, rode rides, and just hung out. The girls had a blast and didn't want to leave. I got sunburned.

Tuesdays are library days, so we headed over to Becky's library to pick out books and then have lunch with Becky. Again the girls enjoyed the outing and it passed a couple hours.

Today, I decided that it would just be a day spent at home. The girls decided that it would be a day of asking constantly to play on the computer. I've been trying to limit electronic time some and make the girls spend a couple hours outside everyday. It's a goal that I'm sure I'll get more lax on as the summer wears on, but at least I'm trying.

We did, however, watch a movie from my bed this afternoon with popcorn. I'm hoping to not find popcorn when I go to bed. There is something about popcorn in the bed that just doesn't sit well with me.

Along with trying to stay somewhat busy during the days this summer we've also had baseball intermingled into our weeks. Cassie has one game a week and is having an absolute blast. I have a couple things I want to share about her games.

1. The game last week she was pitcher for her team. She did well, with the exception that it sometimes looked like she was bowling. When last night's game came around, Cassie asked to pitch again. She did better until I asked her if she was going to go pitch again for the second inning. She shrugged her shoulders and said 'naa...' I had to tell the coach that his pitcher had quit so he could put someone else in her position.

2. Cassie has finally figured out where to run to after hitting the ball. One time in both the first two games she headed to third base before saying 'wrong way' and spinning around and heading to first base. It was funny to watch.

I've been taking pictures...especially after some of the rain we got.

Lastly, my niece, after being gone for 10 LONG days is back again and I've been filling up on my baby fix. Those withdrawals were awful! She's grown more and learned to growl. Nothing like a almost 7 month old growling at you constantly.