May 6, 2009

The girls are outside right now with Andy playing bat and ball. Andy is pitching to them and the girls are taking turns hitting. It ends up that both the girls are pretty good hitters. They connect almost every time. So far every night the girls have asked to go outside. It doesn't matter that earlier today it was raining on and off all morning. When I brought up the point that the ground was probably wet they both told me that the sun was out now. Who am I to stop I nodded to the door and out they went. I'm hoping that their love for being outside continues through the summer or I may have instill a 2 hours outside everyday rule.

I did a small photo shoot with the girls this morning before school. They were cooperative. Sorta. At least they started out cooperating.

Then Cassie tried to get Kalli to stop talking.

Next I asked the girls to put their noses together. Kalli cooperated. Cassie wouldn't open her eyes. Kalli assisted her.

That is my girls in a nutshell. Helpful and a little strange. And yet, I find myself falling more in love with them every day.