Laughter is the best medicine

It's been a while since I've shared funny things that the girls have said and the past 2 days have been full of funny moments. Here ya go.

1. The past couple days Kalli has been having a blast with her tea set. Yesterday her and I had tea and she would ask "how many cups of sugar do you want?" After looking at her bewildered, I tried to correct her telling her that what she meant was "how many lumps of sugar did i want". She, of course, had to argue. No, she wanted to know how many cups I wanted. I've decided that I pick my arguments with her. Therefore I just went along with it sipping my tea with 1 cup of sugar and mentioning how sweet the tea was. "Yes" she replied, "this is the best tea ever. Would you like another cup of sugar?"

2. This morning there was snow on the ground when we woke up. I know...it sucked! However, Cassie (my crazy child) was thrilled with it. Kalli....not so much. When I showed her outside she began crying and sobbed, "But I didn't want any more snow." Me too, hun....me too.

3. Tonight Kalli again had the tea set out and was serving tea to Andy, Cassie, and myself. After talking with Cassie for a little bit she asked Andy if he wanted more tea and I witnessed the following...
Andy: No thank you
Kalli: (looking at him dumbfounded) But it is the best tea ever!
Andy: Yes it is very delicious.
Kalli: (looking deep into his eyes and talking as if she is trying to hypnotize him) If it was delicious then you want some more. Riiiight?
Andy at this point burst out laughing.
Kalli: (trying to make eye contact with him by turning her head almost upside down as Andy continues to laugh) What? What? What? What is so funny?
I had to turn away to keep her from seeing my laughing. She is just so darn cute.

4. Later in the evening I was playing with Cassie on the floor. We were playing with her new Bakugan. Ok, I was trying to keep it from her and she was trying to get it from me. There was a lot of diving after it and laughing. At one point it was across the room and I grabbed at it right before she did. She sat back, looked at me and said "Fiesty!" Who knew she knew the meaning of that word and could use it correctly.

5. As the girls were heading into their room to go to bed tonight I heard Kalli say "Holy Fudgemaker" I'm not sure what it was in reference to or any of the details, though I doubt she was referring to person who makes fudge in a church. I vote to blame Andy on this one.