This morning I got up with no kids in my room again. I then went into the living room and noticed that there were no kids up yet. Though, Andy did forget to turn off the tv before heading to work. Seriously, how do you forget to turn off the tv? The clock said 7:15 so I was confused as to why there were no children awake. I walked into the girls' room and Kalli lifted her head, looked at me, and rolled over. Cassie didn't move. From my experience in this area, this usually isn't a good thing as normally this means she is getting sick. I sat on the side of her bed and rubbed her back whispering her name. Cassie rolled over, looked at me, and crawled up to her pillow before laying back down. Not exactly the response I was looking for.

Slowly but surely I got everyone up and ready for school. Cassie complained the entire morning of being tired and wanting to go back to sleep. It took me until tonight to figure out why it is she is probably tired. According to her little body, it was still 6:15 and not 7:15. She is having issues, just like the rest of us, adjusting to the time change.

Yesterday into early this morning it snowed. Blizzard-like snow. This morning, as I waded through the snow drift that was over a foot deep, Kalli asked me if tomorrow would be the first day of spring. I told her no, but I didn't have the heart to tell her that when spring is here Mother Nature doesn't necessarily cooperate.

As annoying as the snow was this morning to get through with two kids, it was quite pretty. I was able to get a few pictures and by noon it was a pretty decent day.