March 14, 2009

Today while we were at my parents', Andy went to help move a few pieces of furniture from his grandma's to his aunt's. While he was gone, I took advantage of the nice weather and took Cassie out for a walk. We walked down the road to the elementary school, around the school, and back to my parents' home. Camera in hand we made our way along slowly, checking things out along the way.

We stopped to watch snow runoff rushing down the curbs and into the sewers, Cassie spotted bubbles so we followed them to see where they were originating from, and I showed Cassie how you can step on the edges of the snow/ice to break the edges off. As we walked back to my parents she took her time using her crutch to break all the ice like I had shown her. I remember doing this when I was young, breaking the ice in the spring and playing in the puddles some. Until today I never had really thought about having the girls enjoy this part of spring. So during my walk with Cassie today, and the second walk that we took Kalli along for, I didn't rush them. I didn't constantly ask them to move forward or stay out of all the puddles. (though I did ask them to stay out of the large ones) Instead, I took pictures and let them just enjoy the beginning of spring.

We stopped along the way to listen. We heard a Cardinal (which we then found as well), water running down into the sewers, cars from the nearby highway, and lots of people out and about. We weren't the only ones to enjoy the nicer weather.

Once we arrived back from our second walk, I got some chalk out for the girls to play with on the driveway and sat down to draw with them.

It was a very pleasant day overall and I am hoping to be able to get out and enjoy the warmer weather that we are predicted to get this week.