Spring Break - Day 2 & 3

I was just making a sad face with my bottom lip sticking out, when Kalli saw it she said "back that lip up" Andy and I burst out laughing because it is just something that Kalli would say. I have no idea where some of the things she says come from.

So today was day 3 of spring break and I'm proud to report that I'm still alive and sane. I know...impressive isn't it? Yesterday I let each of the girls invite one friend over for a 4 hour play date. That means that for 4 hours I had to keep 4 little girls happy and fed. I did pretty well and was pleased with how well everyone did. Kalli cried when her friend left and has been talking about how much she misses her friend since then. Cassie's BFF came back later in the afternoon and stayed overnight last night, making Cassie possibly the happiest child alive.

Then today we started the day off with 4 little girls (Cassie, Kalli, Cassie's BFF, and my niece... Kaitlynn who I'm lucky enough to have had overnight again :) The girls played, Cassie Kalli and I had lunch with my BFF, and Cassie had a field trip for Girl Scouts. That leaves us at tonight. Cassie is spending her first night at a friend's house tonight and is thrilled beyond belief. At 8:00, I went to ready Cassie for bed and I can tell you that Cassie is having a blast. I'll have to go back at about 8 tomorrow morning to help her get ready for the day, but it is worth it to see Cassie having a good time and being able to stay at someone's house. When Cassie was a wee babe I didn't know how slumber parties would ever work. Would she have friends that would be willing to have her overnight (Cassie has to crawl once her braces are off) and would we be able to work out the changing when at someone else's home. Tonight is proof that she can do 'normal' things. I always knew that we'd be able to do it, I just wasn't sure of the logistics. I'm so proud of Miss Cassie. And of her BFF. (Side note: Her BFF will be going to different school next year. BOO! :( But I'm hoping to keep them playing together and friends) Cassie's BFF is very accepting of everything about Cassie. She asks questions, likes learning more about Cassie, and knows Cassie wears diapers but is accepting of it. BFF helps Cassie walk when she leaves her crutches behind and also encourages Cassie to walk solo by standing a little away from Cassie and catching her in a hug when Cassie starts to fall. I love seeing the two of them together and the fact that BFF is very well behaved makes it even more pleasant.

All of this is to say that we're on day 3 of Spring Break, we're actually happy and sane, we haven't had nearly as many fights as I predicted by this point, and I'm thinking maybe summer won't be that bad. Here's to hoping.
___________________________________ more Kallilian. (that would be the word that we use to describe something Kalli says) She is laying on our bed as we are settling down for the night and we have just finished watching American Idol. She says to Andy "Handsome is for boys and Pretty is for girls. Right, daddy? Handsome is the same as Pretty and Pretty is the same as Handsome." From time to time I am surprised at things she says. At this point you would think that I would no longer be surprised by things that she says...but I still am.

Guess I'm not a fast learner after all.