Spring Break - Day 4

Tomorrow is the last day of the girls' Spring Break and as of this moment (Thursday evening at 9:00) everyone is still sane and in one piece.

Today Cassie woke at her friend's house and stayed there until 2:30 this afternoon. Kalli woke in my room and immediately started talking about how much she missed her sister. I love that Kalli loves her big sister, but it is hard to get a 4 year old to understand that her sister needs some time away from time to time.

In other has been a while since I've posted pictures so I have a few for you today. When I had my niece the other day I took a few pictures of my girls with their cousin. Ok...if you are going to nit pick it was about 15-20 pictures.

All 3 of these girls are getting so big. As are my other niece and nephew. Who told these kids to grow? And for more proof that kids are growing up too quickly...

Kalli spent some time today on my laptop working on a site that Cassie's school uses to aid in learning to read. Kalli had a blast and didn't have any problem with the games that she played. I see another reader in our future.


Becky said...

that pic of the girls all laying on their backs is super cute. you should do a black and white of that but have kalli and cassie with their eyes closed kissing k. bella's cutsie cheeks :)