Spring Break - Day 1

So today was the first day of the girls' spring break. And by 11:00 the girls had had 2 arguments. While I didn't think that was awful, it made me nervous about how the rest of the week would go. Therefore, at 11 I packed the girls up and we headed out to run some errands. Our main destination was Toys R Us. The girls had each gotten a gift card for Toys R Us for Christmas and we had yet to spend it. I thought that this would keep them busy for a little bit of the week...and maybe not fighting constantly. I can dream.

The only rule that was made was that it couldn't be Littlest Pet Shop. The girls have so much Littlest Pet Shop that we are trying to get them to pick other things when given the option. After 2 laps around the store weighing our options, Cassie settled on a Nintendo DS game and Kalli picked a Sleeping Beauty cell phone and Sleeping Beauty shoes (with small heals). While Cassie ended up spending all of her money, Kalli had some left over and here is the impressive part. Ready for it?? When we went to check out, I told Kalli that since she had extra money, she could buy a piece of candy, but I would like it if she would get Cassie one too. Kalli went over to to the candy and picked out 4 KitKats. She then told me that there was one for Cassie, Daddy, her and me...but that we couldn't have them until dessert tonight. When we got home she put them in the freezer to keep them cold and got them out to hand them out after supper. I was so shocked by her unselfishness that I could have just scooped her up and squeezed the poop out of her. I didn't though. Instead I told her how proud I was of her. She is really growing up to be an awesome little girl.

And on that topic...I just told Cassie the other day what a cool kid she is growing up to be. We were cuddling in bed before going to bed. Kalli was at my parents and Andy was playing video games, so there were no interuptions as Cassie and I talked and I tickled her. Cassie doesn't get much one on one time so it was wonderful to spend the time with her talking until she asked to go to bed.

I am looking forward to spending this week with the two of them while they are on break. On the other hand...I'm frightened at the number of arguments that may happen, the fact that with the weather being cooler I'll have to find things for them to do, and lastly I'm scared that this is just a preview of what this summer will be like. <>

If, in the next couple days, you don't hear from me.....please check on me to make sure I'm not tied up in a closet somewhere. Thanks :)