Backseat Drivers

You know how when teens start learning to drive they become 'back seat drivers' telling you things that you already know because all of a sudden they know things too. While I don't have a teen, I have been having a backseat driver for the past couple weeks.

It all started last week when I made a right turn onto Mason. From the back seat I heard, "that light was still red."

Huh?? I explained that if a light is red but there are no other cars coming and there is no sign saying that you can' can turn right on a red light.

Then a couple days ago I was sitting at a light waiting for the way to be clear to turn left. From the back seat I heard, "The light is green."

Huh?? I explained that just because a light is green doesn't mean that you can just go. You have to make sure that the way you are going is safe too.

Finally yesterday I was going down the road and as I went through an intersection the light turned yellow. From the backseat I heard, "why didn't you stop?"

Huh?? "that light was yellow", the voice from the back says. I explained that if you can't stop safely you can go through a yellow light.

Now, here is the kicker. The voice from the backseat was the voice of a certain little 4 year old. When did she become so observant?