February 12, 2008

Earlier this week I was playing with Cassie's hair after her shower and I decided to try something I've never done with her. A french braid. She didn't like how much pulling I had to do to keep it tight, but once it was done and she got a good look at the front and back, she loved it. The next morning before school she asked for another french braid. The nicest thing about doing her hair like this is that it keeps those bangs that we are growing out, and are getting long, but not long enough, out of her face and eyes.

When I asked what her friends thought about her new hairstyle, she said that everyone (teachers included) commented on it and said how much they liked it. This morning, however, she wanted a plain pony tail because she likes how wavy it is after being in a braid for a day. As I pulled all the hair together this morning I noticed, once again, how long and thick her hair is. That girl has some awesome hair...if only it wouldn't get so snarly. Note that this picture is taken after school and having a hat and jacket put on several other words, it doesn't look fresh.

Yesterday and tonight we had my niece Kaitlynn. Have I mentioned how much I love having her?? I'm not the only one that enjoys having her around though. The girls love having her here and both have said that they wish that she could live with us. I then bring up the point of how much she would miss her mommy and daddy and how much they would miss her. The girls understand that, but can't seem to get enough of their cousin. Tonight Cassie fed Kaitlynn her whole bottle before heading to bed. My girlies will make very good moms. Ya know, 30+ years from now.

(not sure who was enjoying the play mat more...Kaitlynn or Cassie and Kalli)