February 9, 2009

Why yes, I am a slacker. Thanks for noticing.

Posts have been slim lately because by the time I get to the part of the night where I usually sit down to write them, I'm too tired to care about writing them. For some reason by 8:00 rolls around and the girls are in bed, all I want to do is play a game or two on the computer before crawling into bed to watch a little tv with the hubby. Lame excuse, huh?

How about the fact that I got too cocky telling people that we haven't been sick yet this winter and it bit me in the arss. Saturday night, much to my dismay, my throat started feeling sore. That night I didn't sleep much as I was up blowing my nose in hopes to be able to breathe every half hour. By the time we got to church Sunday morning, all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep. My throat was hurting and I was feeling congested and out and about with live people was the last place I wanted to be. Sunday I took care to drink more water then usual, avoid things that would hurt my throat, and took an extra vitamin C before bed. This morning, my throat still sore, I sucked on a Halls as I got the kids off to school. Then I headed for a hot shower to hopefully steam the ick out of me. I'm happy to report that my throat isn't as bad, but I'm still draining. More vitamin C tonight and I'm hoping that tomorrow the sun is out with the warmth we are suppose to get (it's suppose to get up to 51. Woo Hoo!) and I can get outside for even a little bit to soak up some vitamin D. Maybe a bombardment of vitamins will make this cold leave my house. A girl can hope.

I haven't decided if it was my talking about not being sick that jinxed me or if it was the fact that we spent 3 hours on Saturday at The Building for Kids. Not that I'm saying there is anything wrong with The Building for Kids, in fact the girls had an absolute blast. It's just that when you go to a place where young children run around wiping noses, sucking thumbs, coughing and then they are playing with the things that your family is now walking around touching and playing's bound to end with someone getting sick. I have to admit that there was part of me that, as we were walking back to the van, thought about getting out my spray hand sanitizer out and disinfecting us all before heading home. But I didn't want to be that mom. The one who is just a little too germaphobic.

Lastly, I uploaded some pictures to my picture site...they are from November 2008 until present. Here they are. Enjoy!