Surrounded by beauties.

Have you ever spent the day surrounded by beautiful girls? I started today off with my girls.

Gorgeous aren't they? Once they were gone I was fortunate enough to have another beauty show up. This is what she did when she saw me.

I was greeted with a nice big smile. We spent the day smiling at each other, talking ( talking to her and her kicking and smiling), and cuddling. It was a good day for me.

Kaitlynn left at a little before 4:00, right before Cassie left. When Cassie got into the apartment she was in tears. She was so upset because she didn't get to see Kaitlynn. We had supper, which she didn't eat much of, and then we went to my mom's for malts. It helped Cassie some, but don't dare talk about Kaitlynn or she'll melt into tears again. It is unbelievable how much she loves her cousin.

Tonight before bed Cassie and I put the seeds on the Chia Pet that she got from her Auntie Trina and Uncle Tim. She has been wanting a Chia Pet for a while now and the one that she received is absolutely perfect. You see, Cassie and Kalli love the Christmas song "I want a Hippopotomas for Christmas". Somehow, Trina found a hippo Chia Pet and gave it to the girls for Christmas. Can you imagine their excitement? Here is the hippo after being slathered with seeds.

Not real pretty, but I'll try to remember to get a picture up after it starts growing.


Becky said...

that pic of that sweet adorable baby girl looks a LOT like Trina :)