January 21, 2009

Cassie did absolutely wonderful at her concert this afternoon. She looked comfortable being in front of the packed gym of parents and sang with her whole heart. Before the concert I was talking with her music teacher and I was told that Cassie loves singing (Like I didn't know that) and that Cassie has a beautiful voice. (something else that I already knew)

Cassie, for the past couple years, sings for her bus driver on her ride home. She usually waits until most of the other kids have been dropped off and then she will sing Christmas songs or songs that she has learned in school. Her driver loves this. In fact, when she was off after her tonsil/adenoid surgery her bus driver sent her a get well card telling her how much he missed his "Tweety Bird".

I was very proud of her as I picked her voice out from her classmates. She did awesome!

Today is my sister-in-law's first day back to work after being off since having Kaitlynn. I know that this day probably was not easy for her. It made me think back to when I had to leave the girls to go back to work and how difficult it is to leave your baby. While I feel for Trina, (those 8 weeks flew by) I have to say that I do enjoy the part where I get to have Kaitlynn a couple times a week. Today Kaitlynn went with to Cassie's concert and then back home with us. Cassie loved spending time with her cousin and even calmed Kaitlynn when she was getting fussy. I see babysitting in Cassie's future.

And, Trina, I promise that I won't let her do anything new while she is with me. I also promise you TONS of pictures. Would you expect any less from me?