December 5, 2008

What a day.

This morning I woke Cassie. Yup, you read that right. I woke her. Upon waking she said she was still tired and that she wanted to go back to bed. This is very unlike her. I got her up and going though and as she was crying I noticed that her head was a little on the warm side. After taking her temperature and talking with her, I decided to keep her home. She wasn't outright sick (temperature was only 99.3) but it was only half a day, she was exhausted, and needed a day of laying low.

Tonight we headed to my parents to drop the girls there to spend the night. We had gotten about a block away and were stopped at a stop sign when we were rear ended. I saw the headlights getting too close in my rear view mirror and had time to gasp before we were hit. The first thing we did was ask the girls if they were okay. They were. Then we went out to see the damage, call an officer, and head to the near by gas station to wait for an officer to show up.

While we were waiting Cassie kept saying that getting hit had scared her. I told her that it is scary to get hit, especially if you aren't expecting it. That is when she started crying. I think the fact that she was scared and that shock of getting scared like that was just too much for her. I held her for a bit and then she was better.

The paint is scratched off the back bumper some, but the other vehicle was worse then ours. As we were assessing the damage and whether or not to report the accident, I brought up the point that if one of the girls' backs (mainly Cassie's) were to start bothering them later tonight. I want it on record that we were in an accident. Besides the fact that we will probably get the bumper fixed. I did feel bad though because it ended up getting the person who hit us a warning. I know for a fact that the corner on which we had the accident is extremely slippery and not salted well. Even us, knowing how bad that corner is and stopping early, slide as we stop.

So yeah, that was my day. Sound fun? I didn't think so either.