December 9, 2008

It has been 3 days since I posted last. (this wording makes me think about going to confession...It has been x days since my last confession.) Have you missed me?

Andy has enjoyed my hiatus as it has given him nights to spend playing his game. I, however, am getting writers cramp from my time off. I've been spending my time off working on my calendars that I give for Christmas gifts. I've got them mostly done now, but the coloring of months has left my hand very sore and crampy.

On another note, the girls didn't have school today. Andy also stayed home so that we could spend the day home enjoying the weather without having to worry about being in it or cold. We watched 2 movies, ate lunch, and dinner all as a family. This afternoon the girls ventured outside and played until their hands were too cold to stay out anymore. Then I made them some hot chocolate to warm up with.

Our second movie was 'Secondhand Lions' and was after dinner. Cassie really enjoyed the movie and I got a photo of the girls cuddling while watching tv.

Even the cats were cuddling.

It was a very pleasant and quiet day. I loved it and wish that we could do quiet family days like this more often.