December 16, 2008

Tonight I was able to do another photo shoot with my little niece. Have I mentioned how much I like her? No I'm not obsessed. Shut up.

Cassie was able to feed Kaitlynn tonight and held her until she started dozing. Cassie also took 16 of her own pictures. Sure I took a few more. Alright so I took 67. Stop laughing at me.

I took some pictures of Kaitlynn with some of the girls' dolls. I call it 'Which one is the real doll?'

And here is a picture that I fixed up.

Visions of Sugar Plums dancing in her head.

And finally...a picture taken by Cassie.


Every year since Cassie was little, I've made a Christmas CD of Christmas songs that the girls and I like. Today, I finally finished this year's CD. If you'd like a copy of this CD, please let me know.