Christmas Wrap-up

Christmas has come and gone and the good news is that we are all still alive. The bad news? The kids got too many toys.

I'm sure it is good news for them. And honestly, I'm glad that they had a good Christmas, have so many people that care about them, and hopefully won't be uttering the words "I'm bored" for the next month or so. However, where on earth am I to store all these new things??

I'm serious. Here is our tree at the end of the day. Note that I have picked up all stray pieces of paper and that I have organized under the tree some. Things are totally stuffed under the tree tightly.

The one thing that I want to work on for next year is being a little more appreciative of gifts. The girls, once getting to my parents, on Christmas Day literally said, "When can we open our presents." And after opening one would be looking for another right away. I know that they are young...well at least Kalli is...but I was disappointed in their behavior. We will be working on it for next year.

Christmas Eve was Cassie's birthday and I am planning on writing more about that tomorrow. I would like to write a little post 'to' her. We'll see what I can come up with tomorrow.

Tonight Andy and I took the girls to the Botanical Garden for the 'Garden of Lights'. As this winter has been pretty cold and snowy, we were lucky to have upper 30's for temperatures tonight as we looked at the lights. It's like a heat wave. (And yes I know it is crazy to call upper 30's a heat wave, but in comparison to temperatures last week and earlier this week, it is.) We rode the horse-drawn wagon and then walked around the upper area to see more lights. The girls loved it and want to go back when all the flowers are blooming again. For me, it was a wonderful end to a week filled with Christmas stress.

Here are a couple of the cute pics that I got of the girls on Christmas Day.

Kalli with her favorite gift....princess slippers from Uncle Tony.

Cassie opening gifts. Every time she would take a bow off a package, she would put it on her head.