November 7, 2008

For those of you that say that I don't post enough. This is post number 430 on this site. That is a lot of posting.

This morning I woke up with my right hip and ankle hurting. I tried to stretch my hip with no success other then being in more pain. What happened while I was sleeping? I had gone to bed feeling okay. Did I go dancing or run a marathon while asleep? Or did I go hiking in my sleep?

How is it a person can go to bed feeling fine and wake up sore? Now I can understand if you wake up sore because you slept wrong. But how would you sleep so wrong that your hip and ankle are hurting? I know. I was playing twister while sleeping. But, now the question is, was Andy playing too? And if not, how did I not wake him??

All I know is that drugs and a nap helped some. Until the drugs started wearing off. Luckily, Kalli was willing to go along with the nap part.

Still looking for more to post about. I could use suggestions.