November 8, 2008

This morning we looked outside to see snow coming down. Cassie was estatic. Kalli, not so much. She kept repeating "But it's not even Christmas yet!" I guess she thinks that it shouldn't snow until Christmas. I got a real cute video of her saying it and that she doesn't like snow. However, the room was darker, and therefore it didn't turn out very good. I know. Boo!

I did get some nice pictures outside though. Yes, I was that crazy person outside taking pictures in the snow. That is how much I like taking pictures.

Even our ghost was surprised by the weather.

I also played with some drops of water. I really like how they turned out. These are cool because you can see the branches (upside down) in the droplet.


Also today Cassie and Kalli assisted my aunt in putting out all her snowmen figurines. As Kalli pulled one of the snowmen out she said, "Oh no....this one melted" She was completely serious as she held up the snowman.

We did explain it to Kalli, but we had a good chuckle about it first. She is so cute and innocent. I wish she could always be so innocent.