November 17, 2008

Today's stories are all about Kalli...for the most part.

After dinner tonight Cassie went to clean out the kitty box and Kalli started crying because she never gets to do the kitty box. We told her that when she gets to be almost eight then she will get her chance.

A few minutes later Kalli is in by Cassie and we hear the following conversation:

Kalli: Cassie, you know what?
Cassie: What?
Kalli: I wish that I was in mommy's tummy first.
Cassie: Huh?
Kalli: If I was in mommy's tummy first, then I wouldn't be 4. I would be almost 8 and you'd be 4.

Then Kalli came out of the room.

I understand that she doesn't like Cassie getting privileges before she does. It is hard to wait. But the little peanut wants to grow up too quickly. She gets to do things that Cassie doesn't and I point these out to her. It doesn't matter to her though. She wants to do what Cassie is doing. And probably, in some cases, Cassie would rather do what Kalli does.

Today Kalli took a nap. Thank goodness! I've noticed that when Kalli takes a nap, her eyes don't always close all the way. And that when she dreams, there are several times that she opens her eyes. It is very strange because she is looking toward you but not seeing you and as she is in REM sleep her eyes jerk around in their sockets. It is honestly a little freaky and I sometimes wonder if it's bad for her eyes. Shouldn't they stay shut??


While cuddling today, Kalli looked at me completely serious and said, "When is the baby going to come out of Auntie Trina's belly?" I told her that it would be soon, but in reality I was thinking, "We're all wondering that, hun."


Becky said...

this is not an attractive picture of Kalli...that being said. save it in a scrapbook and torture her with it later on in life.