November 16, 2008

While at my parents this weekend I was able to get some pictures of the squirrel that lives in their backyard. He/She is cute and enjoys driving Snickers (my parents' dog) absolutely crazy. My dad said that he has actually seen two squirrels so maybe they are going to start a family now?? Wouldn't Snickers love that?

Andy and Kalli are battling with small colds. Just congestion and such. I've been telling them to stay the hey away from me and keep it to themselves. My reason? There is a baby that could be born any day and I'm not going to miss being able to see and hold this baby because the two of them got me sick. Therefore, I'm trying to take care of them without going near them or letting them breathe in my direction. I'm bumpin' up my vitamin C intake and washing hands more. If I do get sick you'll be able to find me in my bed crying until it goes away.

(here is a picture that I hadn't gotten around to putting up of the plaster mold that I for Trina of her belly. I love it. She can hang it in the baby's room until she tires of it and then toss it or whatever she wants to do with it.)