Knock Knock

You've all heard the knock knock joke that goes:

Knock knock; whose there?
banana; banana who?
knock knock; whose there?
banana; banana who?
(this continues until you want to ring the knock knockers bell and then they say)
knock knock; whose there?
orange; orange who?
orange you glad I didn't say banana??

And honestly, you are. Thankful even. This knock knock is popular among the kids as it is easy to remember and kids love to push peoples buttons. I think that they get a kick out of smiling up innocently as adults turn all shades of purple and blood pressures soar to all time highs.

Kalli, however is a little too young to understand jokes. She tries with little success though. Today while cuddling before her nap, Kalli told me her version of the banana/orange joke. It went a little something like this:

Kal: knock knock
Me: whose there?
Kal: banana
Me: banana who?
Kal: (pause) orange
Me: (uh...ok) orange who?
Kal: aren't you glad I didn't say orange?
Me: .....
Kal: (laughing at her joke)

I'm thinking the blond is showing more now. As my brother says when Kalli does something like this... 'Good thing she's pretty.'


Becky said...

i, for one, cracked up at kalli's joke. So much so that Brian had to ask what was so funny and then i had to explain it to him...then he looked at me like "uh...ok" and then went back to watching tv. Sigh- maybe its a blonde thing