There is no air at school!

I'm considering charging admission to my morning show. The show includes getting 2 girls up, fed, dressed, and out to bus on top. For no extra charge you can see just how much whining and crying goes on and how hectic things get when heading out the door. And on rainy days, such as today, it also includes 3 females under one umbrella (Luckily it is a golf umbrella) shuffling to the 'bus stop spot'.

As we hung out under the umbrella trying to stay dry I thought about the fun that winter will be. The extra clothing that we'll have to get on. The pushing Cassie's chair while trying to hold Kalli upright. Let's just say that I'm not really looking forward to it.

After putting Cassie on bus this morning Kalli and I moved up the driveway to wave to Cassie. I told Kalli to watch out for a puddle and as she went to jump over it she miscalculated and landed IN it. Tears started falling with the rain as I bent down to see how wet she was. We really didn't have time to go back in because her bus would be there any second. Luckily she wasn't very wet. Here is the conversation had between sobs.

Me: It'll dry honey
Kalli: But there is no sun
Me: The air will dry it
Kalli: There is no air at school!

I calmed her with hugs and told her that there was air at school. And when I picked her up from school she was all excited to tell me that her pants were dry.

Today I received a call from Cassie's school in which I ended up talking to Cassie. Her tooth had become more loose and she came apart at the seams about it. After calming her down, (I did a lot of calming today) I promised to get off the bus and look at it when she got home.

I looked at it and though I wasn't sure if it would come out...