Frozen but dry

This morning I froze several body parts while on a field trip with Cassie. The sun finally came out as we were leaving. Sure...that is when the sun shows up. I'll admit though that those wood burning stoves give off nice heat. I felt like huddling around them whenever I was in a room with one.

Most importantly, Cassie had a blast. During one part of the 'tour' each kid received a small mason-type jar with cream in it. They shook this jar until it finally turned into butter. We then put everyone's jars together, drained off the buttermilk that was left, put all the butter together in a bowl, washed it, salted it, and finally tried it. Let me just say that it was very good.

After we all finished trying some on a cracker, I asked Cassie if we should just make butter from now on instead of buying it. I figured she would look at me like I was nuts since it took a lot of shaking. Instead, she said yes. That one backfired! Looks like I may be buying some cream the next time I get to the store.

Today my mom picked Kalli up from school because I was with Cassie. She took her to lunch and then to the store. Somehow Kalli ended up walking away from the store with umbrellas for her and Cassie (ps. Kalli loves her grandma!) After Cassie got home and was given her umbrella we went to supper. The girls insisted on bringing the umbrellas with them. As we were going down the road with 2 small umbrellas open in the back seat, I had to wonder what people seeing us were thinking.

I became the bully when I wouldn't let Kalli bring her umbrella to dinner. She was crying as we entered the restaurant. On the way home Andy and I were informed that Kalli would need the umbrella when she got home because it was raining in the apartment. Andy and I just looked at each other unsure what to say. Andy finally said, "if it is raining in the apartment, we have a problem." To which I said that I thought we should call our landlady.

To look on the bright side, when it does rain... Kalli is prepared.