October 27, 2008

Tomorrow morning I will get Kalli on bus and then I will pack Cassie and myself up to head to her school where I will be chaperoning a field trip to Heritage Hill. Cassie has been looking forward to this field trip for over a month now and I'm not quite sure why.

Don't get me wrong, I like looking at how things were. Peeking back in time to see how far we've come and therefore enjoying how things are now. However, she is 7 and at 7 I think that I would have found Heritage Hill kinda boring. Not Cassie though. She loves it there.

We visited Heritage Hill for the first time this past summer for a parade that they were holding. Both the girls were able to see several of the buildings including the hospital, the blacksmith, the school, and many others. They played some old-type games and had a blast. Kalli had fun, but was all-in-all bored with it. Cassie soaked it all up, letting me read things out loud to her and asking a few questions. As we looked at the hospital all I could think was that I'm so glad things are how they are now. And that science has come as far as it has. I mean let's see how my pregnancy with Cassie would have differed. More then likely, she wouldn't have survived and the fact that she was breach, I may not have survived either. It really makes me appreciate how far things have come.

Though I'll admit that I'd like to live like they did for a few days. It'd give the kids an appreciation for things and it would challenge us to go without electricity and extras for those few days. Let's just say that it would be very interesting. A learning experience all around.