September 7, 2008

Yesterday started out like pretty much any other day. However, about half way through the day the base of my head on the left side started hurting. I recognized the feeling of an oncoming headache and downed a Mountain Dew, hoping to stop the headache in its tracks. It didn't work. By about 3, I was in agony with a full blown migraine. I hadn't noticed the fact that since my shunt surgery, over a hear ago, I haven't had any headaches. I didn't miss them.

Luckily, I have a wonderful husband. Andy brought me home and let me go to bed. I was in bed, asleep by about 6:00 and slept until this morning. I woke up with the pain in the base of my head still, but have kept the migraine at bay all day. Thank goodness.

Tomorrow I am calling the doctor about my ongoing nausea and if pain is still in my neck bad, I'll mention that as well.