September 15, 2008

This morning after getting the girls on buses Andy and I chilled at home for a little bit before heading to the hospital. My procedure went without a hitch. The findings are that I have an irritated spot in my stomach. They are upping my meds for 2 months in hopes that it calms things down so that things heal. I'm just hoping to go back to bed. I'm so sleepy and I say this after sleeping for most the day.

We're into the third week of school and I'm proud to report that Kalli is liking school. On Sunday, I told her that she would have school the next day and she got all excited. She enjoys getting on bus, waving to me, and loves to tell me about her day when she is home. Though not right away. If you ask her about her day right when she gets home, she just shrugs her shoulders. She needs her space and time before she is ready to give details.

On Sunday mornings the girls have been having Sunday school. This past week, which was the 2nd week, Kalli was singing with the big group and doing the motions. She even moved away from her teacher some. When it is time to go to her class, she walks past Andy and I smiling.

It is such a nice change from the clinging.

I knew it was only a matter of time for her to realize that the separation from me isn't permanent and to enjoy herself. I am just glad that it didn't take too long.

If any part of this post doesn't make sense, I am sorry. My head is still quite foggy.