You know what?

I was waiting for Kalli in the hallway of her school when the teacher's aid brought out the kids that ride on bus. She stopped by me and told me that Kalli spent a good part of the morning crying. This didn't surprise me because for some reason she didn't want to go to school today. My guess is that it may be because her teacher is out right now with strep throat. What did surprise me is what I saw when she came out from her speech class.

Under both her eyes she was bruised. She looked as though she had been fighting. Between the crying and rubbing her eyes while she was crying she ended up bruising herself. I felt horrible just looking at her. However, when we got home I did take pictures. Partly to show her and partly to share with you.

This picture doesn't show how dark the marks really are. The bruises have faded some as the day has gone on, but her pale skin doesn't help her out.

Want to know another thing that I learned today about Kalli? While talking to her speech teacher, I asked how she was doing. The teacher told me that she is doing well, except for the fact that she has a tendency to get off topic. Kalli goes off on tangents and the teacher has to pull Kalli back in to what they are doing at the time. I felt like looking at the teacher and saying, "Kalli? My daughter? I have no idea what you are talking about." Except whenever I am talking to Kalli she'll say "You know what?" and she is off talking whether you're listening or not.