September 13, 2008

I've been lacking in the posting department lately, I know. I've also been lacking in the follow through department as well. And I apologize to anyone that these things have affected. To make my point I'll have you know that Andy's birthday is one week from today. And have I made any concrete plans to celebrate the occasion? Nope. Sure, I've mentioned a party on that day. But I haven't decided on a time, what we'll be having, invited people. I know...I suck.

In all fairness, I haven't been feeling well. The "Body Parts Against Paula" meetings are back in session.

In 2 days (on Monday) I'll be going to the hospital. For a long time now I haven't been feeling good. Nausea and abdominal pain, mostly. Two months ago I went in and was prescribed Nexium. This helped while I was on 2 pills a day, but since going down to 1 (which is what should be done daily) things have gotten worse again. Worse to the point that I fight nausea throughout the day (worst in the morning) and have been woken up by the abdominal pain.

I finally gave in and called the doctor. This past Thursday I went in for an appointment where we discussed what was all going on. They did blood work to check my liver and pancreas and sent me home. Friday they called and said that my liver enzymes look good...still waiting on pancreas results to come back, but that they want to send me for a stomach scoping (endoscopy). About 10 minutes later the GI department called and I was scheduled for my scoping for Monday.

I've had a scoping done before while I was still in high school and at that time they found a "raw spot" in my stomach. I'm interested to know what they find this time. I'm just hoping they find why I'm hurting and nauseous so much. The way I figure it, with this much nausea I should get a baby in 8 months!